Fire at Transfer Site


Residents please note:

On Wednesday, December 28th a fire occurred at Rome’s Transfer Site.

Luckily the fire was contained as it was inside of the compactor, but that also made it very hard to extinguish. We speculate at this point that either a cigarette or hot ashes started this fire.

The Town of Rome Fire Department was on scene approximately two hours working to extinguish the fire to the point where Adams County could haul the bin to their facility where it could be dumped and totally extinguished.

I would ask that all residents exercise caution and ensure that we are all disposing of things safely and in their proper place. We have ash receptacles available to dispose of hot ashes in.

Please do what you can to help us keep the Transfer Site and other Town facilities safe for all to use. Thank you.

For proper use of the transfer site, information, and hours please visit:


Transfer Site