Amendments to the Town Code on Camping Regulations




At its June 17, 2021 meeting, the Town Board approved amendments to the Town’s Zoning ordinance regulating camping in the Town.  The following provides a brief explanation of the changes:

First, there were no changes made to camping regulations within Lake District (LD) Zoning.  Camping regulations remain the same for Lake District-zoned parcels. 

Second, camping regulations were extended for all other zoning districts which allow camping in the Town.  These include R-1, R-1C, R-2, R-4, R-5 and FR zoning districts.   Within those districts, going forward, any parcel will need to abide by the camping regulations found in Town Code Sec. 360-9C in addition to the applicable district’s existing use regulations related to number of camping units.  Campers will need to purchase an annual camping permit for $25 and the camping season of April 14 to November 30 will apply to the properties.  Off-season camping is allowed with a $10 permit for no more than two occurrences for a cumulative total of no more than 21 days during the off-season of December 1 through April 13.  Additional guest camping units are permitted with a $20/per unit guest camping permit.  Permits must be displayed below the address sign.  Additionally, campers will have to meet the water/septic requirements as outlined in Town Code Sec. 360-9C.  Lawfully existing camping units as of the effective date of the ordinance amendments may be considered a nonconforming use for camping season and Town water/septic requirements.

We appreciate your cooperation as we share these amendments to the Zoning ordinance with the community.  As a reminder, camping permits are available at Town Hall and at Pritzl’s Trading Post (at the customer service/post office desk).  If there are questions, please feel free to contact the Town.