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Photograph by Catherine Minter: Oriole on Lake Sherwood

The Town of Rome boasts one of the most distinctive habitats in the country. Once the bed of a glacial lake, Rome’s landscape is comprised of spectacular sand barrens and rolling pines. Home to the endangered Kirtland Warbler, Whooping Crane, Clay Colored Sparrow, and Karner Blue butterfly, the Town of Rome is a bucket list destination for nature-enthusiast and birders. Walk, hike, bike and enjoy the rare beauty that surrounds you.

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The Town of Rome has once again achieved “Sustained Flight” status in the Bird City Wisconsin Program.
In 2016, the Town of Rome became the 96th community in the state to officially be recognized as a Bird City. Since 2016, Rome has annually submitted applications and received acceptance for Bird City Renewal. With this 2019 Membership Renewal, Rome joins more than 100 Bird City Wisconsin communities. 

Limiting or Removing Threats to Birds

Although domestic cats can make great pets, they can pose a serious threat to birds and other wildlife and disrupt ecosystems.

The American Bird Conservatory (ABC) is working throughout the Western Hemisphere to protect native birds from invasive species, with a special focus on keeping cats indoors.

Their Cats Indoors Program educates the public and policy makers about the many benefits to birds, cats, and people when cats are maintained indoors or under an owner's direct control. In addition to advocating for responsible pet ownership, they also oppose Trap, Neuter, Release (TNR) for feral cats because of the persistent and severe threats posed by feral cat colonies.

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Read the ABC's recent press release from May 2019: "Scientists Call For New Cat Management Strategy To Reduce Risk Of Toxoplasmosis."

The American Bird Conservancy's Cats Indoors program supports simple solutions to keep pet cats and wild birds safe. To learn more about ABC's Cats Indoors program and the work they do to protect cats and birds, visit their website.

For more information:
American Bird Conservancy Cat's Indoor Program

Find the American Bird Conservancy at abcbirds.orgFacebookInstagram, and Twitter (@ABCbirds).

2019 International Migratory Bird Day in Rome

For more information about birding opportunities in Rome, visit the Visit Rome Bird Watching Landing Page (


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Check out our Birding Board on our Pinterest page. It has lots of great DIY ideas for bird feeders, bird houses and birding.

Protecting Birds Against Window Strikes

Up to a billion birds die in collisions with glass each year in the United States. Although most people have seen or heard a bird hit a window, they often believe it is an unusual event. Add up all those deaths and the number is staggering.

Both common and rare bird species hit windows. According to a 2014 study, species commonly reported in glass collisions include White-throated Sparrow and Dark-eyed Junco. Ruby-throated Hummingbirds are frequent victims, along with Wood Thrush and other species of conservation concern.

Within the American Bird Conservancy's work to eliminate threats to birds, they are proud to be the first organization to take a national approach to solving the glass collisions problem. They educate and inform architects, planners, and developers about the issue and solutions. They advocate for legislation to require use of bird-friendly materials, and we develop and evaluate new materials.

Their Bird-Smart Glass Program provides  proven tested products for every conceivable need, from those of architects and builders to homeowners.

The American Bird Conservancy program has many consumer products that can help make your home more bird friendly.

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