Solar Array Project Information

The Town of Rome was recently informed of prospective efforts in the potential location of a large-scale solar facility in our community.  The developer, NextEra Energy, requested a meeting with the Town Board for informational purposes which was held on June 15, 2023.  As the project was introduced by company representatives we learned it is very early in the process. They continue to assess whether the community is suitable for a renewable energy project while they evaluate existing infrastructure, land suitability and conduct environmental surveys.  If those assessments warrant further interest in development, a large-scale solar project would be subject to the state approval process under the regulations of the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin.

The Town of Rome recognizes the potential impact such a project would have on our Town and its residents.  The Town will continue to work proactively to anticipate challenges and develop solutions as needed to protect the interests of the Town of Rome and minimize the impact on our community.  NextEra Energy representatives have committed to return in the near future to host a Town Hall meeting to answer questions concerning the project.  As we receive any additional information we will use the Town’s website as the official source to share information and resources as they become available.  Please subscribe to website updates if you haven’t already, to be informed as we post new information.

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