New Home

Zoning Regulations Cheat Sheet (link)

Required Information for New Home Construction

  1. Adams County Zoning Permit (if applicable)
  2. Adams County Sanitary Permit (New Homes and re-connects)
  3. Town of Rome Zoning Permit Application
  4. Town of Rome Building Permit Application
  5. DSPS Uniform Building Permit (go to the State website:
  6. Building Plans drawn to scale
  7. Site Plan of the property showing dimensions of all structures and distances to property lines (drawn to scale).
  8. Thermal performance sheets (Heat loss calculations) Res Check Software also accepted
  9. Wall Bracing Detail plan
  10. Erosion Control Plan
  11. Driveway Permit Application (if applicable)
  12. House Number Application (if applicable)

Home Construction Forms and Permits

New Home Packet